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You are a naturally friendly person with a great sense of humour but you should be careful not to use your wit to hide your true feelings. You appreciate your friends and are close to your family. Friends see you as cheerful and optimistic and always turn to you for cheering up. They find it hard to be angry with you for long, although you can often be quite stubborn! Make sure you know when to stop and remember that everyone tires of being the butt of jokes at some point! Your enemies, however, dont often get to see your humorous side, they see the hard working, quiet side, the side you might use for work or school and they generally stay out of your way because they don't see you as fun, despite your real personality. Possible lovers love your friendly attitiude and positive outlook on life. They feel comfortable around you. It may take a while for you to get into a relationship as you always start off in 'the friend zone' but once you get going you are committed and trustworthy and usually have long and blissful relationships!

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