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Your are the type of girl who has an irresistable attitude! Your popular and fun to be with. Your have a lot of friends but probably not one best friend. Friends love being with you as you are always looking on the bright side of life and you have a smile that appears as if by the flick of a switch! Be sure you know who your real friends are because new people are bound to be queuing up to hang out with you. Enemies are those people who believe strongly in real love. That's not to say that you don't, but these are the people that wont be happy until, they find it. they dont understand your girly giggles and hate to see you with someone they dont think you are suited with. Often they are only thinking about whats best for you and alot of the time they are right!! Be careful how far you go with someone and how quickly, get to know them before you make any commitments. Possible lovers love your natural charm and find your self confidence irresistably sexy!! Be sure you dont abandon your friends for the first guy that comes along though.

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