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You are the girl with the 'it crowd' the queen bee! High school is your palace and the other low lifes that attend are your minions! Your friends see you as friendly, chatty and very similar to themselves. They look up to you and enoy spending time with you, particularly at the weekend!! You never seem to spend a friday night at home and you are always with at least ten other people!! Your enemies see as intimidating. They despise the way you see youself and scorn your group. While being at the top may feel like the best place to be, being nice to people sure does go a long way; what is it they say? keep your friends close and your enemies closer! Possible lovers see you as fun and never afraid to let your hair down but you relationships never seem to last. Be careful not to believ everything you hear, especially when it comes to boys; trust is key and you often have a naturally suspicious mind!

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