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Tom Boy

You are the girl who is often more comfortable around boys than girls, and why not? Boys dont bitch like girls do!! Your fashion and music sense is very defined as you dont tend to follow the trends. You are calm and rational in most cases but have rather a short fuse! Your friends, be them boys or girls depend on you for a calm and down-t-Earth outlook on life and depend on you strongly, and quite right too! Your enemies are mainly those who you disagree with. You have strong opinions and dont hesitate to put them accross which is not a bad thing but makes you a few enemies along the way. Despite your tough, outer shell, you are soft and mushy inside, close to all family and friendls and you have the courage to always stand up for what you believe in. Possible lovers may start as just friends but you keep relationships going once they get started and your ideal partner is someone funny and with strong beliefs. males tend to find your 'don't care-ish' ways extremely sexy!!

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