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Border-Line Douche

Your getting there, douche. I can still call you a douche but you still have some sense in you. A few more popped collars, trips to the gym "to check out the ladies" and maybe a tattoo with the Chinese symbol for power will seal the deal. Your one step away from wearing tank tops everyday and getting a "Carpe Diem" tattoo on your chest. On Facebook you post "Goin 2 da Gym" every night and then when you comeback you post "really sore from da gym". Your profile picture is you in the mirror with your shirt off or you with a bottle of Jack Daniels . Last week you ran out of hair gel for your spiked hair and decided to wear it down for the week. Good move. With that action you missed the cut for "Total Douche". Keep it up and you may even move down to "Douchy qualities".

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