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You're very depressed

You should already be seeing a threapist and or a psychiatrist. You've gone beyond maybe needing to get some help. You need help like yesterday. If you can't make the call for yourself, find someone you trust. You're in dangerous territory and it's okay to admit to yourself and to someone else that HEY, I CAN'T DO THIS ALONE. You're going to be okay but only if you seek help. Possibly you may need medication. Only you and a doctor can decide that. Please, whatever you do, call for help TODAY. You need someone to help you to figure out some better coping skills, setting goals, building self respect and confidence. It's possible you have some toxic friends in your life right now... Don't let others bring you down. Pick up the phone. Call your insurance company, or 211 may work in your area.. Find a crisis line before the crisis happens. You're not alone!

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