Not even close (Heartbroken)... Are you really ove him/her?
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Not even close (Heartbroken)

You still think about them 24/7. In your mind he or she is going to come back. You aren't ready to venture out to the thousand s of other fishies in the sea yet. You hear a song an dit makes you cry, think of them and all the things you used to do. Even the hateful songs bring them in your mind. You may think you are ready to give up on them but in reality you are wanting them more and more as the days and nights go by. My suggestion : delete their number from your phone... Take all the pictures off the desk top and such delete them from your friends and wait. If it is meant to be and if they are going as crazy for you as you are them then they will come back. It will all work out in time. And I know you are thinking I can't do that!! They need to know how I feel or they wil give up.. But in reality. They aren't thinking about you.. The only thing they are thinking is omg they are stalking me they are obsessed! But when you start to not care they wil come around!!! Keep your head up!!

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