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Ummmm.. NO move on, Actually buy a house and move away

Your nice and really clueless. So clueless you have no idea your being made fun of when thats all we do when you around. But... Good News You can hang with Dez. Which is next to that house that no one wants to admit they live by and when your reletives come visit, it is usally a trip to show them becasue they do not believe you that the burbs are real. THE REAL BURBS,, fleash eating over religiuos wackos that collect garbage and use for yard decorations live in your area.. You find them and you will find Dez , along with her alc-E husband who has a 14 pack from the 100% bud light diet, nutty child who is referred to as "SHUT THE HELL UP" and the family dog which is tring to run away and keeps getting found. Its ok sparky you will get away one day..

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