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Ever hear of venting? You keep all you emotions bottled up inside, but then the littlest thing happens and it pushes you off the edge and you blow it way out of proportion. You should have a warning sign hanging off your neck, your that dangerous! You just can’t take a joke, your way to serious! Just take a breath, calm down, its okay. Big Tip for you, Find a different things to do, to release your anger. Working out would be your best shot. But there are other ways, writing down what’s bugging you and how you feel about things on a piece of paper or on the computer. Playing video games, watching T.V., writing poems, playing sports, just walking away from things, thinking about stuff on your own, or talk to a friend that you trust. There are so many different ways to burn off anger in a healthier way then going on rampages. These will actually help you out with all the anger that you keep bottled up in side.

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