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Blood Type ★AB★

You have an odd and weird sense of mind, no one really understands your world...O_o Sometimes when you're talking, your friend goes, 'ok she lost me there what the heck is she sayin' But you're really unique and AWESOME! Very fashionable. You're likely to be two sided, HYPER & CRAZY and QUIET & SETTLING. It's because of blood type A and B both in you. People see softness and trust in you and feel good around you. But AB's, they have this wall around their inside, if you're unhappy and hurt, you dont show that to people around you. Don't fake smile or go with your friends' mood. Blood type O and A would be a good, fun, roll-on-the-grass-punching friend for you! Blood type A and AB would be your...uh...soulmate or somethin. :)

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