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Awesome!! You are most compatible with Mewtwo! This rare, mysterious Pokémon is a great match… though you sometimes may be fooled by its elusiveness. Mewtwo is one of the first Pokémon created by science. The scientists who created it dreamed of making the strongest Pokémon ever. Mewtwo is highly skilled with Psychic powers. It can fly through use of telekinesis, speak telepathically, and take control of another living being's mind, be careful. Mewtwo also has the ability to telekinetically create massive hurricanes powerful enough to destroy the planet. So don’t piss this genderless Pokémon off!! Mewtwo is very aggressive and thinks of nothing but battling and defeating its foes. However, Mewtwo seems to have developed a very protective and guardian-like nature to the point of complete submission… and with your love, I’m sure its abrupt nature is sure to soften!

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