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"But one day, you'll be sitting in your house feeling all safe and secure, and then you'll look over and I'll be there! Doin' stuff!" - DIB Dib is Zim's primary nemesis throughout the series. Dib has been obsessed with the paranormal and supernatural since an early age. Because of his obsession, Dib is often criticized by his classmates and family for being "crazy" or mentally unstable due to his outlandish theories. Dib, however, is one of the only humans to recognize or care that Zim is an alien, and has devoted himself to thwarting Zim's plans of conquest. His obsession with exposing Zim and proving true his own theories borders on psychosis, which is ironic, considering that one of his motivations is to finally prove his sanity to the world. Like Zim, he has rather high technology at his disposal, and can at times be very resourceful.

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