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Jim Greco

Jim’s vocabulary of slang can be heard all over our skate industry, and his nitch for stapling these words got him plenty jobs for writing lyrics for many great musicians. I mean, do you think Johnny Thunders, Mick Jagger or James Brown wrote their own shit? Hell no. But this talent also got Greco into a little bit of trouble with drug trafficking by getting a little bit caught up in the rock n roll scene. Luckily, in the midst pushing pounds, kilos, and writing lyrics he happened to pick up a skateboard along the way, relieving him off all stress and onto righteous path of droppin’ hammers while still going back home to the streets of New Haven, Connecticut, to give back to family and friends never losing site of the past. Looking smooth, dressed to kill, rocking gold swingers, and driving a rag-top Cadillac Deville, Pimp JG has als got some thangs on the side. These days Jim’s takin’ Myspace in a new direction and living by the famous words of Bishop Don Magic Juan—“Green is for the money, gold is for the honey.”

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