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2 boys and and a girl, tito, bren and Jinnie

Tito will be the oldest and will be born on 5th may. his daddy will be called Elliot, a builder. Tito will be born at the hospital he will grow up to be a mechanic. He will have brown hair and brown eyes. hewill be cheeky and very protective over his younger siblings. Bren Will be born 2 years after Tito on 21st august. he will have the same dad as Tito. He will be born on the way to the hospital in the car. he will grow up to be a drummer. he will have brown hair and brown eyes, the same as his big brother. he will be loud and not afraid to spaek his mind! Jinnie will be born 3 years after Bren on 3rd july. her dad will be called harrison, a doctor. Jinnie will be born at the hospital by c-section. she will gow up to be a teacher. she will have brown hair and green eyes. she will be feisty and pretty! Good Luck x

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