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You're exactly what it says. You're one of the few angels we have here on our beautiful planet. Though there is such a thing as being too nice so try to tone it down just a bit, but don't change too much! You care about everyone and everything, you refuse to leave someone behind to suffer, you would rather give than take, you would do anything to help someone feel better, and you try your hardest to get rid of negative emotions such as greed, jealousy, anger, ignorance, self-consciousness, hatred, and inability of forgiveness. You'd rather spend your life with happiness, joy, love, open-mindedness, forgiveness, being giving, being thankful, and making the most of your life by having fun! You have a gift, go spread it with the world and try to light up people's day! If you have that positive aura, then it shouldn't be all that hard! ^_^

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