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OOOH! Congratulations! You are a song! You are a dreamer and can be a romantic and an anti-romantic (sometimes at the same time) and you are anything but 'normal'! Your moods drive you to do the best (and sometimes...worst!) of things and people love your jumpiness and cheerfulness. Yet sometimes you can be serene, and ever so quiet, you need a lot of pampering to get you out of the little cocoon you make around yourself. You can be crazy and fun, quiet and simple, adventurous and boisterous and just need to get your mood to set in! Just remember not to let your heart rule your head too much, or you may get into some nasty trouble...other than that, everybody loves you and you probably love everybody too and rarely make any enemies. Keep rockin, 'cuz the world is incomplete without a 'Song'!!!

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