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Josh Wilson

Some people say that josh beats the drum like Jimi Hendrix strummed the guitar. Others say that comparing Josh to any other musician of anykind is doing an injustice to his playing ability. Josh wilson is a great drummer, but it is what is behind the great drumming talent where all his inner treasures lay. Soft spoken with a heart ablaze josh's unbelievable abilities to understand inside jokes and people's witty remarks plots him really really high on most if not everyone's friends list. His recent venture/mission trip to Cambodia revealed another area of josh's dynamic character to the outside world. A heart that cares for the less fortunate and a close relationship with the Holy Spirit enabled Josh to heal several people from bondage and physical pain. A man who speaks though his music and his spiritual actions can find plenty of room at the top of the "food chain", what next for this mighty man of God.

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