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Andrew Begley

History has told tales of many great heroes like Alexander the great, Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte. But none can compare to the might of Andrew Begley. Known to most as the man with perfect hair. He was created when to supreme beings collided together at the speed of light to create one body of pure sex appeal. Woman across the world flock to even get a glimce of his perfect hair however most faint within a 100 meter radius. Andrew Begley is a true young gun. His presence can be felt every Friday night at paradise youth, at the front of the stage praising God so powerfully that is would put King David ro shame. He is a great leader and will see the Tea Tree Gully area saved in the lords name. He lays waste to anything that is against good and is a shining light at Pedare. The history books will know him as Andrew Begley the Holy Crusader.

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