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Patron Tequila paradiso girls ft. lil jon

They said what you drinkin'?*what you drinkin'* Let me buy you a couple of rounds And I said what you thinkin'?*yeah!* I ain't the type of girl to get down But I can party wit cha*uh huh* And bring my girls aside*uh huh* Tell the bartender bring the ice And let 'em know I'm on Patron I'm on Patron, Tequila I'm drunk on Margarita That Patron, Tequila Me and my mamacita*put your drinks up!* Hey girl Where's your drink? We goin' all get real drunk tonight Hey girl I got bud we can all get fucked up tonight By the end of the night Imma have you drunk and throwing up By the end of the night Imma have you so fucked up!

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