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Emmitt Smith

You are a major piece in a super bowl winning machine. You are quite fast, sort-of elusive, and run well on second effort. You will gain an amazing amount of yards, mostly because you play behind one of the best offensive lines to play the game. You won't encounter a tackler until ten yards past the line because of your great blockers. You're a great receiver, as well, and you can block. You will go to many championships, but you play on one hell of a team. when you have a bad day, your team can still win. When on the goal line, you go through with much twisting and struggling, but you get the job done. You play on a great team, but they would not be where they are today if it was not for you. You came from a big name school, and everybody saw you coming, but were too well blocked to do anything about it. Congrats! You're Emmitt Smith!

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