Dr. Spencer Reid... Which Criminal Minds character are you?
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Dr. Spencer Reid

You're Reid! You're extremely intelligent, and you're very aware of it. You're also very awkward around people and sometimes don't know how to deal with them. Jokes aren't exactly your strong point, as most of the time you don't get them. You don't read much stuff other than textbooks (in English), and you have NO IDEA what Twilight is. You are, however, extremely brave despite all outward appearances, because you're a bit of a nerd, and if you got badly hurt but there was someone else who needed help, you would make sure that the other person got help first. You would never dream of hurting anybody unless you had to, and you're pretty bad at shooting a gun ;) However, you're an extremely loyal and very good friend, and the people around you grow to love you after a while, even though the way you correct them and endlessly quote statistics drives them mad sometimes.

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