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Penelope Garcia

You're extremely funny, friendly and loving towards everybody. You're the sort of person who gives everyone nicknames and teases them, and you get away with it, because who could ever stay mad at you? You love hugs, and you're the most touchy-feely person on the planet. You're the most sensitive person in your group of friends, and it doesn't take a lot to get you to break down crying, or for someone to hurt you. You like to think of the world as a bright and cheerful place, which helps when you have to deal with some truly terrifying and horrible things. Your desk, locker and room is filled with bright colours and pretty things, because they help to remind you to smile when you're feeling really down. You have tons of friends and you love them all to pieces. You're a real softie, but you can stick up for yourself if you feel you have to.

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