Shari... Perfect Match with C.Windy '09
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Congratulations, you are destined to marry Shari aka Shazzawazza! You are most likely 7 foot plus and often you may be found stumbling around through a park/common room at 4 am with a cup of goon urging everyone to come party with you. Well you better be, otherwise Shari and you will not have a very happy life together, as this is Shari's favourite past time. I hope you don't mind not ever seeing your wife as she will be spending the next twenty years adding more degrees to her name in a desperate attempt to never leave Uni. Also, look forward to a life of: Shari: [mid-conversation]"*your name*,*your name*" You: "What?!". Shari: "I love you." It seems cute. But you wait. Have a good life!

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