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Shane & Callum

Congratulations! You are set to marry the bulk of the Windy TMs. Often confused for alterations of eachother, Shane and Callum are two very distinct individuals and are known for their quite quite good yet judgemental taste in music. You must marry both for Shane, as a part time comic and Callum, deeper than the ocean, you can already see your life is complete in every meaningful aspect. Unless you count sport as a meaningful aspect. You are definitely a gambler. And I like that. For your life can either go two ways: ABC will take Shallum's pilot and you are suddenly hotter than ndrew Denton or you will spend your life with Shallum in a literal pit, trying to find a job. Both sound fun and rewarding, one perhaps moreso than the other. But I can tell you this my TM loving friend, you will have a gooooood life!

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