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People ALWAYS pronounce your name wrong. You can be quiet at times and at other times totally crazy. You're fairly new to the Sporting Horse scene but you hit the ground running. Known for riding horses such as Beauty, Cruise, Simpson (r.i.p) and more recently Crackerjack aka Jack aka The Apprentice, you're U17s champion (but you'll be too old next year hahaha). You're easily recognised as one of the more intelligent SHA members with your self-allocated "more smarterer than you" status. With your mum at the ready to hold rugs, reins, horses, tighten girths or buy hot chocolates, you're a SHA regular. You always manage to put on a good show on the the course whether it's a rear at the start line or total demolition of the bend. People laugh at you for wearing double shin pads in the barrel race.

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