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The Rooster

Personality- Rooster people , especially the men, are good-looking. They are proud of their look and like to show off. The appear to be radical and arrogant, but in their heart they are conservative and traditional. Born in the year of Rooster, they have special insight that is rare with other people. They have passion for novel things. If they make use of their personalities, they may achieve much in their life and career. They always stand up tall and look graceful and noble. Even the least outstanding people among those born in the year of Rooster are more capable and smarter compared with other people. They are are exceptional actors, always eye-catching as the focus in activities. Their personalities can draw people's attention and impress people very much. Women born in the year of Rooster are generally the most charming lovers for men. Women born this year would take initiative to chase the man they love. They would take as good care of their children as they can. They are ideal choice as good wife and good mother. However, despite their good ability of managing money, they lack of independence. If they may a man that is financially well-off, they can have a rich family and enjoy a happy and comfortable life. Their weaknesses are they they would often argue with people and always want to show off their knowledge regardless of other people's feeling. Once they fail the argument, they would not be upset. Instead, they would tell everyone their own opinions and try to convince people to be with them. They are too picky about things and expect everything to be perfect. They are very sensitive to theoretical issues. In handling any kind of issues, they would follow fixed regulations and rules and feel confused about those people who do not do so. Relationships- Compatibility: Ox, Snake incompatibility: Rat, Rabbit, Rooster, Dog Rooster people do not have easy love. They care a lot about love relationship and would think hard to try to win the heart of the person they love. For this purpose they would even do something they would otherwise not willing to do. That may make them get hurt and have a lot of worries. Men born in the year of Rooster would generally like to show up among females to show off their talent, ability and wisdom to become popular with girls. Although they like to show off, they would not overdo it as they have strong sense of self-control. Most of them are good at love affairs. They are active and cheerful and therefore are usually successful in chasing lovers in a short period of time. They would require absolute equality and freedom, believing that love is about mutual respect. They would not yell at the other person and would not let the other person yell at them. Women born in the year of Rooster are bold, open, active, and a little manly. In a love relationship, they would usually take initiative, but when necessary, they would become quiet and gentle ladies. Many men are fascinated by such charming personalities. They cannot put up with a lover that restricts them in many ways. Once they find that person tries to control them, they would just walk away and leave that person without hesitation. They are a qualified wife, and actually love to stay home and take care of family although they appear to be outgoing. Career- Rooster people are smart, capable, energetic, upright, decisive, and detail-oriented. They are suitable to work as company CEOs, factory boss, manager, accountant, cashier, librarian, and so on. They may also perform well as actor, singer, and writer. For some jobs that require many details such as locksmith, handcraft, sculpture caving, etc., they would also be capable. Although they have a tough life, they are by no means plain people. If only they turn more realistic instead of fancy, they will have great chance to be successful. In their career, due to their particular personalities and their ambition since a young age, they will do well in their career all through their life. Money- They are born to be luxurious and are very curious about precious and rare items. Once they desire something they would have to get it, and therefore they are willing to spend a lot of money. Even though they have good income, they spend a lot too. Also, in order to make people think them as generous, they would spend their money wildly together with their friends. So, saving money is very important to them.

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