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The Dog

Personality- Dog people are upright, honest, and straight forward. They are helpful, fair and sincere to people. They are good listeners when other people tell them about their problems and worries, and are willing to share other people's pain. They are so ready to help that they would not hesitate to help heartily when asked to. They have strong sense of responsibilities are reliable. They would not give up but keep trying to do their best at work. These are the greatest virtues of Dog people. Dog people tend to be stubborn. They are born to be cautious and tend to doubt people to avoid being cheated. As a result, such personalities would hinder them from better development in their career. Since they are used to judge things in their own opinions, they would certainly stick to their own judgement and hardly take other people's advice, not even the correct advice. Dog people are warm-hearted and goo-looking. Most of them have sharp thinking and are dress up plain. Also, they like nice and soft hair style. They enjoy dancing and travelling, etc. They rarely get involved in what is not their own business, and they would also hear other people's opinions. Relationships- Compatibility: Tiger, Horse incompatibility: Ox, Dragon, Sheep Dog people are introverted, and would rarely show their strong feeling or mood except when they are irritated. Meanwhile, it is part of their nature to be stubborn. These factors are unfavorable for them in emotion and relationship. They have extra worries due to their personalities, and since they do not tend to reveal their feelings, they can just keep their worries to themselves. That in turn is harmful to them, physically and emotionally. Therefore, Dog people should be aware of these and try to open up their mind when they are in love. Men born in the year of Dog are helpful, loyal to friends, and dare to challenge inequality. These strong points, especially the loyalty, can make them more popular with females. Their willingness to help people at the cost of their own interest is more of a personality that will bring true admiration and affection from females. Women born in the year of Dog are not romantic. Their introverted and lonely personalities have determined their love relationship. Even in some rare cases of dramatic love, it would not last long before they say goodbye to the lover. They should be especially careful with their personality of enjoying loneliness. They are actually faithful and sincere about live, but their personalities are seemly cool, which will put their admirers in nowhere. Regarding such issues with love and relationship, they should think in-depth and try to change their personalities for the better and for love of happiness. Career- Dog people are not the type that has much flexibility and tactical attitudes. They are not good at hiding their own points of view and are not so good at judgment. So, they are more suitable as excellent supporting roles, such as efficient manager, good secretary, consultant, and volunteer, etc. or go in the service of industry as beautician, image designer, physician, and nurse, etc. Money- Dog people are not among the very rich people but they also earn good money by their hard work and efforts. Their loyalty would sometimes be made used of and therefore they need to be careful with the people that they contact for business and take actions after careful thoughts to avoid being hurt. For example, they should think twice before agreeing to lend people money. Dog people are good at saving up money and spend it in a planned way. They would not buy things that don't need, and they never hesitate to spend money in what it has to be. Generally, they have a proper idea about using money for good reasons.

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