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The Pig

Personaility- Pig people are quiet, tough-will, kind-hearted, and plain. They are also frank, sincere and mild and will never drive people to a dead corner. Unless they have no other choices, they will not tell likes. Unless when they have to protect their own interest, they will not attack people. They will never deceive or betray their friends, and they are tolerant to what their friends do wrong. They can fight their way forward with their tough will. Although they are the plain people among the others, they often hold special points of view. Behind their kindness, there is great power hidden. When the chance comes, they can start to rule. Pig people are hindered in their life to a large extent due to their hesitation as a weak point in their personalities. Sometimes they are not responsible enough. When people get them wrong and make them feel sorry, they might turn to join the opponent as a way to show their discontent. They are not good at refusing people. It is very hard for them to say NO to other people. They are often not bold enough to stand still but instead handle things in a comprised way. In their life they would go bankrupt at least once, but they would finally make it up and learn a lesson from it to become smarter and bolder than before. Relationships- Compatibility: Sheep, Rabbit incompatibility: Snake, Monkey, Pig Pig people are upright and focus on their love, rarely having evil thoughts. People would rarely be deceived or fooled if they fall in love with Pig. people Instead, Pig people seem slow and silly, and are often deceived and fooled, so they need to be careful not to be fooled in love. Luckily, they are optimistic and would rarely do silly things for love. Pig people are materialistic, and enjoy life very much. Sometimes they might get immersed in enjoyment of lust. Women born in the year of Pig are gentle, kind-hearted and emotional. They are sweet lover or gentle wife in men's eyes who feel like caring and loving them always. On other hand, they have unruly personality which is just not revealed. Cowardice and excessive emotion are their weak points. Their caring heart enables them to become a good mother after marriage. They do not like to take initiative, and they enjoy being taken care of, with old-fashioned belief in marriage. Their husband can be quite ensured as they are good at house keeping and handle the work at home very well as a really good wife. Men born in the year of Pig are gentle and have almost the same personalities as the women born in the year of Pig. They have another strong point compared with the women, that is, they are tough and calm. The men born in the year of Pig do not take initiative in relationship with the opposite sex. They are full of fancies and often wish to fall in dramatic love, but don't know how to. Their weaknesses are that they hold an uncertain attitude about love and that may be their way of protecting themselves from cheating and fooling. They have very deep-rooted family concept and are quite loyal to their wife, and would not have affairs. The only pity is that they are not expressive and their indifference look on the face may make their wife and children misunderstand them. Career- Pig people are good at running business. Their honesty and kindness help them gain many partners and investors for good business and good income all their life. They are diligent, clever and emotional, suitable for many jobs such as writer, editor, actor, and painter, etc. They are aggressive, tolerant, tough-will, and do not play tricks, also suitable to work as factory boss or manager, etc. Money- Pig people are not rich enough to be luxurious, but they are able to make good income due to their confidence and efforts. After their middle age when their family load becomes heavier, they should handle housework and manage family finance in a steady and reliable attitude. It would be best if they can develop the habit of keeping daily accounts. Pig people are loyal and generous, and also would receive unexpected gifts or favor from time to time. They do not know how to earn more and save more but tend to spend money in an unplanned way that they fail to keep money with them. Also, they do not care much even if they run out of money and they believe things will become better in a certain way without knowing exactly what it is. It would be great if they can find a lifetime partner who is good at managing money.

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