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The Ox

Personality- A person born in ox year is dependable, calm and methodical. Ox people can do their work with diligence and patience and achieve their success by dedication. Although he is generally fair-minded and a good listener, it is hard to change their opinions as they are stubborn and often have strong prejudices. In fact, ox people are prone to classify almost everything in to basic categories – Good and Bad. Because of the steady and trustworthy character of OX people, they can be entrusted with positions of authority and responsibility. Beneath their somewhat modest but neat appearance, the Ox shields a resolute and logical mind. Relationships- Compatibility: Rat, Snake, Rooster incompatibility: Dragon, Horse, Sheep, Dog OX people are loyal and resposible to their partners and they are very close to their families. because of the loyalty to their parters and families, they do not tolerance any casual love affairs. they are not romantic people, but they have deep feeling to their partners. Because they are traditionalists, they are slow to warm up and reveal their true feelings and It will take long time for the Ox man and woman to develop intimate relationships. Career- Ox people are born leader, with the inborn leadership and ability, they can achieve anything in success. They can be an excellent leader, doctor, Nurse, Clerk, or writer, but they are not suit for the career related to social activists. Money- Ox people is not very good luck in making a fortune and may not be a rich guy, But they have a well-off life. they should stay away from gamblling or they may be broke.

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