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The Rabbit

Personality- Rabbit people are peaceful, quiet, and enjoy comfortable environment. They are subtle, artistic and with strong ability of making judgement. They are born with the flexibility to change toughness and hatred to mildness and friendliness. They are also aggressive with constant pursuit of progress. Their outstanding strong points are their energy, talent, kindness, loyalty, good interpersonal relationship, elegance, reservation of tradition together with love for fashion, deep emotion, wisdom, smartness, and great judgement; their weaknesses include rigid conservation, gloominess, timidity, and strong suspicion. Relationships- Compatibility: Sheep, Pig incompatibility: Rat, Dragon, Ox, Rooster Rabbit people are calm and mild. They are apt to be emotional and sentimental, and would often cry for some little things. Such weak personalities make them easily feel or get hurt as social individuals. Men born in the year of Rabbit are charming and trendy, and would often have many female admirers. The honesty, sincerity and affection they reveal in dating would make the other person of the relationship fascinated. Once the female's love is so much that it becomes to tie them up, they would just disappear. Due to their unruly personalities, they would not stop hanging around and have relationship with other females even when they have had crashon a specific one already. They just take it as games instead of true emotion when they hang around with other females. Despite their changeable emotion and ever changing relationship with females, men born in the year of Rabbit do always follow marital mechanism. They always require absolute trust from their wife. When their attitude changes and becomes too sweet and considerate to their wife, their wife would begin to suspect. Women born in the year of Rabbit are calm, kind, gentle, and pure like lotus. Their belief about love and relationship is that if they decide not to fall in love with or date with someone, they would just never do that. If someone as a “persistent admirer” are naive enough to be there and wait for them to change their mind, they are just doing so in vain. Women born in the year of Rabbit are great hostesses, handing things in a decent and graceful manner. Their love and efforts dedicated to their families are often paid off by their families with much love. Rabbit people are quite independent, and apt to be weaker in emotion. Those of them who get married would be totally loyal to their husband and children, taking care of them with every effort all the time as their own responsibility Career- Rabbit people are born artistic and classy. They pursuit elegance and perfection as well as require high of themselves. They can make great writers, charming artists of painting, romantic singers and excellent actors or actresses. Due to their flexibility, and good social skills, tactical mind and thorough thoughts, they are also born politicians and able to work as factory boss, manager, or president of a firm. Money- Rabbit people are bound to have very good fortune and free from monetary worries. They are generous and sociable, which in turn helps them acquire fortune more easily. As they are out-going and sociable without paying much attention to details and trivial things, they are not careful with money and does not save much money. Meanwhile, they are shopaholic and tend to buy luxuries, decorative items and various other new products. Therefore, they often fail to make ends meet. Their lavish attitude towards money determines that they would not be very rich although they are capable of making big money.

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