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The Dragon

Personality- Dragon people are tough, confident, energetic, and physically strong. They are often seen as extremely energetic and cheerful. They are passionate and are crazy about what they enjoy, so much like religious madness and also like the flame from the mouth of dragon in the legend. They have enormous potential as they like to do things in a drastic way. However, if they fail to control their passion they might ruin themselves. There are irritable and do everything in a high-profile manner and they are seen as guards of wealth and power. Women born is the year of Dragon are never obedient. They believe there should be equality between males and females, and they turn quite irritated about discrimination against women. In doing some things that men can do, women born in the year of Dragon may be able to do better. In general, the strong points of Dragon people are that they are bold, talented, cheerful, sincere, aggressive, energetic, and generous; their weaknesses are that they are stubborn, rigid, and hot-headed. They are especially irritable, proud and extremely desirous. Relationships- Compatibility: Rat, Monkey incompatibility: Ox, Rabbit, Dog, Dragon Dragon people are typical idealists. They expect everything to be perfect. They would rarely take initiative to love someone and rarely worry about relationship. Most of the time it is them that dump the others instead of being dumped. They should pay attention to their image. If they try to be less unruly they may benefit a lot in love. Men born in the year of Dragon would reveal their sentimental nature in relationship with their lover. They would feel nervous when they are dating. Although they are sweet and considerate to the one they are with, due to their sensitive personalities, they might sometimes turn emotional and confuse their love for lover with their love for mother. Because of their strong self-esteem, they are afraid of being hurt and more afraid of hurting others. Therefore they are especially caring about the person they love. Women born in the year of Dragon would take a long time to know well about the person they date before they see him as the lifetime partner. Once they fall in love, they would purposely make up and dress up themselves and enjoy the moments in the lover's arms. They expect their lover to feel their love and return with the same love. They are willing to play the role of great wife and good mother, enjoying housework and taking care of the husband and children. Their thoughtful and rational choices determine that her emotion and love can run far like deep water and can withstand the test of life. Career-Dragon people have exceptional power and boldness. Suitable careers for them include director, judge, agent, entrepreneur, and athlete, etc. Their spirit and personalities as Dragon people help make them successful in such walks of life. They are almost suitable for any career and deal with their job with facility. They may also succeed if they give up materialistic goals to pursuit a noble ideal or abstract science or art instead, they may also be able to succeed. The potential bad effects are that they may also succeed if they do illegal or harmful things, and that would cause much harm to the society. Money- Dragon people have clear and detailed financing ideas. If they manage to balance between reality and ideal, then they can change their pursuit of money into faith in life, and become very rich in their neighborhood. If they learn how to save up money in a planned way, they can try to invest in real estate or stocks as the best option to maintain and add value of their property They are stubborn and reckless without thinking before doing or reflection after doing something. If they are lucky enough, they might live a rich and successful life. In case of bad luck, however, they would be trapped in endless troubles and hardly able to raise again.

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