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The Snake

Personality- Snake people are smart, full of wisdom and tactics, and attract people with their mysterious character. Snake people are suspicious but unlike Tiger people, they hide their suspicion and secrets in their heart. They are born to be mysterious, elegant, and graceful. They enjoy reading, classic songs, delicious food, and opera. Most of those very beautiful women and those men with strong personalities are the Snake people. Snake people are bound to have good luck. They usually do things according to their own judgement and cannot communicate very well with the other people. They might have great religious potential, or might be complete hedonist. Anyway, they would rather believe in themselves than take other people's advice, but most of the time it turns out they are right. Women born in the year of Snake are born beautiful. They are calm and fascinating. They are confident and always take it easy. Although they often hang around and seem lazy, this is just superficial. In their mind they are restless. They are always after fashion, careful with choices of clothes and accessories. They love jewelry and would buy the best real jewelry if they can afford any. If and when they get married, they become the greatest consumer. As long as their husband are potential, they would make every effort to help him succeed. They would dress up and play the role of a perfect hostess and smartly help their husband seize every opportunity in life. In chaos and troubles, Snake people are the backbones that can deal with unexpected situation in a calm and thoughtful way. They have strong sense of responsibility and clear goals. Their great ambition and born advantages, when integrated, will take them to the top of power and authority. Relationships- Compatibility: Ox, Rooster incompatibility: Tiger, Monkey, Pig Snake people are jealous and even selfish in love affair. They would keep hold of their lover even when they do not love each other any longer. That would cause many troubles. Their marriage generally goes well and are happy. However, they should also get mentally prepared for some unexpected things. When they are married they may seem to love their families much but meanwhile they are often discontented with their marriage status, and therefore they might have an affair. Men born in the year of Snake would often look for exciting and passionate love, and therefore have many women in their life. They are typical playboys and hold an aggressive attitude towards love. They are good at showing their love with action, and also good at figuring out what girls think. Despite their actions, they would not reveal what they have in their mind. They make it hard for other people to understand what they think. Therefore, it is quite difficult for them to find a lover that knows their heart. They value families very much and often act as the boss of the family. They would request trust and respect to them from their wife and children. They are stubborn, so much so that they would not say sorry to their families even when they know they are wrong. Once they have argument with their wife, they would want to go out and find comfort outside. Therefore they would hurt the families. Women born in the year of Snake are kind-hearted, straightforward, pure, and polite. They often wish to have warm and romantic love. They do not expect others to do much for them, but would be pleased if someone accepts their love. They seem to be happy, but actually they feel upset and lonely inside their heart. They hope that they can find their lifetime lover among the men they know and get along with, but that is really not easy at all. In family life, they are a qualified, good wife. They would manage everything in the house neatly and well-organized and therefore are much loved by their husband and families. They can also give up everything else for their family. Career- Snake people do not have a well-built frame but they are born clever and thoughtful with strong ability of judgement. They are elegant and graceful. They can make philosopher, theologist, politician, thinker, and banker. Money- Snake people are fortunate and lucky. They would often get help and unexpected fortune from some special people. Their income are not all from their own ability or good financing but mostly from good luck. However, good luck does not happen to them all the time. If they do not seize the opportunity, they might get in financial trouble once the fortune is over.

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