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The Horse

Personality- Horse people are outgoing, independent, clever, and eloquent, with sharp thinking and great insight. Most of them leave home at a young age, or start their career early even if they don't leave home as they have independent concept. Their greatest strong points include great confidence, kindness, independence, and good ability in managing money. They are energetic, but sometimes seem hot-tempered and reckless. They love intelligent and physical exercises. They do things fast and make prompt decisions. Their weaknesses such as changeable mind and impatience are usually compensated by their flexible and out-going personalities. Women born in the year of Horse are cheerful, graceful and trendy. They are usually pretty, with nice fingers and a slim figure. They might be a tennis champion, bus driver, or nagging woman. They don't think it necessary to take a break. If someone else suggest to climb a mountain, they would carry their backpack and cheerfully start the tiring trip without hesitation. They would jump out of the box instead of acting just the same as others. In activities or parties, they tend to choose to dress up themselves in light color, novel design, and a fancy but corny manner. Relationships- Compatibility: Tiger, Dog incompatibility: Rat, Ox, Rabbit, Horse Horse people are good-looking and know how to dress themselves up well as they pay much attention. They are good at complimenting the opposite sex to delight them. Also, they have pity on people. Therefore they are popular with the opposite sex and have some advantages in dating. Men born in the year of Horse are kind of timid when they are young boys, but turn charming as they grow mature, and become admired by females. After they get married they might still hang around and cheat without neglecting to take care of their families. They would not forget their lover and children even when they have fun with other women outside. Romantic relationship is their biggest headache. They do not know how to develop romantic quality and also do not know how to react to it from the opposite sex. Women born in the year of Horse seek realistic love. They would often feel they are lonely and wish to have true love and wish to see their Prince Charming soon. However, they may try to keep away from very passionate love as they do not believe in drastic love. Therefore, they male friends are mostly old-fashioned and dedicated people, while manly men are their ideal choice as lover and husband. Career- Horse people are outgoing, confident, cheerful and sportive. They are suitable as athlete, driver, news reporter, policeman, and careers related to entertainment. Horse people do not make money in reliable and solid ways, and would not make use of economic ideas to invest for earnings. They just take advantage of their tactical interpersonal relationship and develop their career by means of their eloquency and flexibility. Therefore, their career is not steady or reliable. Money- Horse people have quite good luck in fortune and are free of much worries about money. Sometimes they are so generous and spending money that people around them are very surprised. They are good at collecting money and know how to keep and save it. Therefore they seldom get into monetary troubles. In their middle age, they might have a chance to inherit fortune, win lottery, or get fortune in other unexpected ways.

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