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The Monkey

Personality- Monkey people are tricky and witty as well as amusing. They are smart and talented enough to be appreciated and admired. Men born in the year of Monkey are mostly handsome and charming, and women pretty and attractive. They are humorous, clever, and has a gentle look and tough heart. Although they are tricky, they are also very interesting. Their weaknesses are that they are impatient, tricky, dishonest, and sort of arrogant based on their talent and ability. They are speculative to a certain extent in their nature. They can handle complicated issues in a calm way. There are also aggressive while they have many kinds of knowledge. They can achieve big success in whatever field they choose to work in. They are especially capable of becoming linguists. All through their life they are free of intellectual hindrance or difficulties related to abilities. Women born in the year of Monkey are cheerful and charming. Wherever they are, there are laughters and fun. They like excitement and do not do any things of no value. They watch their way of talking and do not talk nonsense in front of people. In different occasions they talk to people with decent wording. They are good at catching other people's weaknesses and make use of them in a clever way. They dress up themselves in a trendy way and pay special attention to hair style. They are the most fashionable women in the city. Relationships- Compatibility: Dragon, Rat incompatibility: Tiger, Snake, Pig Monkey people are passionate and fall in love easily. Due to their changeable personality, they would get bored soon and thus are not so persistent lovers. They would never feel pleased and they would not feel like they have true love. They do not like to be totally dedicated to their lover. They may have more than one lover at a time and meanwhile they do not hate themselves for being like this. When they like, they would be very sweet and gentle to their girlfriend, and when they don't like, they just wish to stay as far away from her as possible. They always impress people as an ideal lover but an unqualified husband. They would rarely help their wife with housework, but as they turn older than 35, they would make apparent change and become mature enough and willing share family responsibilities. Women born in the year of Monkey attach much importance to the appearance of men and would never take initiative to show their love to a man. They would even turn down the men who passionately admire and chase them. However, they see love as an extremely important part of life and often get immersed in their dream about love relationship, so much so that they are willing to give up their work, money, and position. They should learn more about handling housework and taking care of husband. In that way, they can get more love in turn. In terms of parenting, they should cooperate better with husband, instead of sticking firm to their own opinions without achieving the effects of parenting. Career- Monkey people will have their talents and abilities shown in industrial, politic, and economic fields. They can make excellent actors, singers, diplomatists, lawyers, linguists, or outstanding inventors, athletes, stock agent, teachers, and social activists. Monkey people should seize the good opportunities when they are available for favorable career development. They must not regret over missed opportunities. Meanwhile they should also pay attention to interpersonal relationship and be careful not to loss good chances by turning down others because of not seeing things from other people's position. If they are not blindly confident, think more upon encounter with issues, and place much importance to credibility, Monkey people will be do much better in their career. Money- In general, Monkey people are good in fortune, and do not need to worry about money all through their life. They are sociable and therefore have good opportunities in financial way, and are often offered help regarding money. They are mostly not used to saving up money and would waste it instead of making good use of it when they have more money than basically needed. However, after their middle age they might get unexpected fortune.

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