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The Sheep

Personality- Sheep people are kind-hearted, generous, upright, easy-going, and have pity for people. They are often complimented because of their elegant movement and sympathy for people. They are mild and even a little shy. They tend to understand people's problems and forgive people's mistakes and faults. They do not like strict restriction, and would not be strict with themselves or critical to other people. They like children and little animals, as naturalists. They are gentle and not good at resisting, however, it would be very difficult to ask them to do something by forcing with authority and right. Women born in the year of Sheep would tell the person they love directly and frankly what they feel about them. They would stay with the person they love, every day, and take him as the person they trust the most. They would spend a lot of time in make-up and dress-up to show their beauty. They are careful and classy with their choice of clothes and accessories, in a flawless way. They are fanatic for cleanliness, and pay great attention to their personal cleaning and try to be clean and neat in all possible places. Relationships- Compatibility: Rabbit, Pig incompatibility: Rat, Ox, Dog Sheep people are apt to be shy and generally girlish. Most of them are good looking and charming. Their weaknesses are that they lack of sense of responsibility and weak willpower. Therefore, in love matter, they are often easily tempted. Because they are girlish, they often rely on other people, and consciously or unconsciously put themselves in a passive position in love. Girls born in the year of Sheep would often dreaming about marrying a rich man, and find a rich and generous boyfriend, or live on someone rich and influential. They usually would have a very romantic history of love. In fact, they always have beautiful wishes about love. Their idea about love is not traditional. They care about spiritual enjoyment as well as physical enjoyment. In terms of family life, they are a qualified and capable wife. However, due to their weak personalities, they cannot carry great responsibilities but can just be an obedient, gentle wife. Meanwhile, they need their husband to be absolutely considerate and caring. Men born in the year of Sheep are honest lovers and usually would make their lover feel comfortable and sweet. They have the romance of young men as well as the gentleman manner as mature men. Men born in the year of Sheep are handsome, charming and energetic. They are loyal in love and would even do everything they can to please their lover. Career- Sheep people are born to have special feeling and pursuit for art and suitable for very artistic work, such as writer, painter, beautician, fashion designer, interior designer, teacher, actor, model, or singer, etc. Looking from their personalities, if they can devote to their career heartily, they can become an entity owner starting from zero. Because they are detail-oriented and talented, if they make full use of their advantages, they are bound to make great success. Money- Sheep people have inconsistent fortune all through their life. They would often be deceived as they trust their friends easily. Speculation should never be their choice, but investment in real estate and stocks would be fine. Due to their conservative personality, they also follow certain principle in use of money and if their life they would not be short of money. However, as Sheep people, if they want to change their current situation and live a better-off life, they must be more adventurous and make better use of their money, such as investing in new business and the alike

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