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Jessica Tatarskyj

You are very cute, everyone loves u..buh wen u hate sum1...U CAN NOT STAND THEM! you do very well in ur schooling and you r always very have amazing frends they are always there for u and u are alllllwaaaayyyyss there for r normally found hanging out with kahli, rosie, payel, emma, courtney, maddy h and chanelle..who are all great frends of urs..haha wen u go on a highh u go insaneee but in a veryy cute wayy =]=]=]=] your form tutor always makes fun of u becoz u never stop talking and he always blames you for being the one talking..even tho IT WASNT U!! both u and ur biffle payel get very irritated at this..ha..u shud be proud for getting jess =]

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