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Nicholas Yacoub

Your the muscley lebo that gets agnry at customers for coming in becasuse you dont understand why people would want to eat maccas in the first place. You would prefer your own cheese and tomato toasted sandwiches with extra tomato and tuna. You have huge biceps and you love telling off all the little muztecks to piss off or else you'lll break their nose. You fight alot with other managers and some crew that you dislike but would never admit, and you like the stock cage to be very clean and thorough. If you are not at work, you are either at the gym with short stuff (faiez) or on facebook, or getting smashed. you care more about drive thru goals rather than the front counter customers and you tend to talk to yourself when your angry at customers, you will be saying things like, 'fuck off you fkn fat poeple, go cook your own meal'.

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