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Tessa Garamszegi

ASSET! You are the girl who mixes in with everyone and who everyone in the classs loves:) In class you are ALWAYS talking with your girls, and your always up for a good monday morning gossip sesh. You have THE best hair and your favourite subject is fooood tech. you NEVER get into trouble, and you always try hard in class, but your not the brightest crayon in the box. you talk like a bogan heaps of the time (AND ITS A WONDER HOW ENGLISH IS YOUR BEST SUBJECT), but its ok, coz you make us all laugh:) in classs you can be found singing made up lyrics to random songs. And yes you wear glasses too. You have the funnniest things to say during gosssip sessions (FROM KIAKS TO SHEDS), and have many stories about particular boys. and you hate mkinnon with a passion, and wanna get out ASAP!!!

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