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you are laurence bong aka the troll himself, the founding father, the cyber bully, the predator, the abuser, the internet tough guy, the stalker

You are the man. You are good with words, you know how to ruin someones confidence within a matter of minutes and drive them deep into depression. You are able to smell gay posts on facebook from pages away. Your ruthless (on the internet of course), you dont take shit, people who havent met you are scared shitless of you. Your brutality and mean attitude is what makes you the head of FBTP, nobody dares to arc up to you over facebook for obvious reasons. On the internet, you are the judge, jury, the executioner and satan himself. Nothing gets to you, the only way to truley break laurence is to take away his internet cord, deep within the forgotten lands of his basement, past the ancient ruins of his bongs, pizza boxes, mountains of porn, rats, cat ladies; you will be able to find the object of laurences destruction-his computer. your reign as troll is growing day by day. even if you are able to take away laurences ADSL2+ 30gb cable he will just replace it with one of his many...many...many wirelass mobile broadbands.

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