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A strange cat, you make puzzling remarks and literally talk in riddles. People struggle to understand you and it is often as if you are speaking in a different language, limiting your ability to understand the simplest of concepts inside the classroom. You refuse to conform to society and have been given the moniker Commonwealth Bank as you are ‘Determined to be different’. You are allergic to normality and listen to bands until they become ‘mainstream’, at which point you can be heard loudly proclaiming that said band “ARE SHIT, ALWAYS HAVE BEEN, BUNCH OF SELLOUTS” (read Muse and Kings of Leon). Your attempts to walk the road less travelled have resulted in you writing essays from right to left, sitting by yourself in classes, gagging on Ms. Lall because no one else does and eating your shoelaces because food is too mainstream. Another example is your ‘Ellen Degeneres’ hair cuts which have made you the laughing stock of the yr 12 cohort. In an attempt to look like Caleb Followill you have instead ended up looking like Ms. Savy-Walsh, but it’s the thought that counts.

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