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The only group member without a nickname, you lack the ability to relate to other human beings, maybe your nickname should be E.T.? You constantly pay out Viv about his dealings with P.C. girls to divert attention away from your dealings with said P.C. girls. A day out with the girls will always beat out a day out with the boys, however you are quick to deny this. Painfully arrogant you are constantly pumping up your own tyres. You can't take a joke and coupled with your short fuse you can be difficult to be around. You have the most stats in the group and you are always quick to remind anyone within hearing distance of this fact. You are a talented hockey player, brilliant in fact, and have made the state team on numerous occasions (which is a massive achievement given they select the side from approximately 7 players). In your eyes hockey is a more popular sport than football, which is contradicted by the fact that most professional hockey players are also part-time janitors at state high schools.

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