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Exceedingly arrogant and quick to judge, you may well be the biggest prick in the group. You aren’t as smart as you think you are, and love to show off your exceptional vocabulary, to the dismay of all around you. You also seek to establish yourself as the rebel prefect, explaining your disregard for teachers and your poor study work ethic, however those around you see through this weak mad dog façade. A talented footballer, you hope to be drafted next year, the only things holding you back being your lack of any real footballing talent as well as your crippled body, which belongs in a retirement home. You also bear a close resemblance to a yeti in that yetis are hairy, big and ugly. Deep down, there is a missing piece of the puzzle which ‘just doesn’t quite fit’ and mentally you can't decide whether you should be playing ‘uno’ or ‘2 up’. You think you are the funniest guy in the group but all and sundry know this title rests with moo. You are sadly deluded.

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