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You’re sometimes outgoing but you are always sooking over the gayest things. At partys you can be found dancing on something weather it be a table, speaker or even a person. Modelling is what you like to do and you have a new goal everyday. You can’t eat maccas or KFC coz you are currently on a diet that will last for about a week or two. You hero is Britney spears and at school you have no time for work coz your always playing cubefield. You are perfect and you feel sorry for every guy coz none of them reach your standards of being perfect. Any cunt with feathers scares the shit out of you and you don’t flush your toilet coz your scared the grudge will pop out. The song Just fine by chris brown makes you happy and in your spare time you piss your pants on the school over 100 guys running at you for a ball. You are only interested in getting married to a rich man and everything will sort itself out.

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