Michelle Lindorff... Which Ringwood club regular are you most like?
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Michelle Lindorff

You known when to stop when it comes to drinking, but it doesn't mean you don't spend it up at the bar all night long! Your usually seen running around Ringwood in a cute little highwaisted skirt and top, with a pair of heels, your hair is always perfect and your fringe is the envy of others. You have no problem shouting drinks at the bar and are a fiend for the 'wet pussy' shots for $3 on a Thursday. Your never really seen at Dakota on a Saturday but you love to Whip it as often as you can. You don't quite leave all your inhabitions at the door but your there for a fun night, you just like to leave with your dignity. On the odd occasion you have been known to head into the toilets for a make up touch up followed by a smoko, then its back to the bar for you!

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