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Sporting a beard since birth, you are a slightly fearsome character and may well have Sasquatch blood in you. Wanted in 13 countries you are notorious for your dealings with such organisations as Jemaah Islamiyah, al Qaeda and the Taliban and you were devastated at the recent passing of Noordin Top. Having been underground since September 2001, you are extremely skilled at the art of hide and seek and camouflage, especially at night. A frequent flyer you have paid many visits to international destinations over the years including New York, Madrid, Jakarta and Bali. Always quick to voice your opinion on an issue (in whichever dialect it is that you speak), and quick to recite verses of the Koran, you can be found early on a Saturday morning cleaning your turban for a hard day of prayer. A devout Muslim you extend your beliefs to your soulmate, who can often be seen (or not seen) wearing her favourite dark green burka.

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