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A serious player on the black market, you do a great job of serving your masters. A talented athlete you have had lots of practice running from the authorities and the local deli. Ironically, you are now employed at said deli as a doorstop. Strangely for a man of dark complexion you aren’t particularly well endowed, and this problem was accentuated by your recent circumcision. A more deformed penis the world may never witness again. This ‘little’ hurdle hasn’t held your famous seediness back however, but your ability to ‘pullback’ has been severely hampered. With a famous confrontation between yourself and Mrs. McLernon under your belt you like to fight for your rights. Having said this your moral fibre is virtually non-existent as you are one of the few people in history to have uninvited your ball partner, well done you hero. Your pursuit of a girl, who shares her surname with a Sydney half-forward flanker, lost you some friends, which was particularly costly as you have few.

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