Pesh... Which of Snow White's Seven Googs are you?
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A really big kid, you are all brawn and no brains. You use your size to intimidate others, however when push comes to shove you are the biggest bitch of them all, as you are built like Tarzan yet play like Jane. Much like Gumble, you add little to any conversation, however people are too afraid to say this to your face and as a result, you get away with being bacteria. Perplexingly you are arrogant, yet for no apparent reason. You have a quick temper, which came out in full force when your attempts to go “round 2” were quickly denied. A power athlete your lack of stamina was exposed when you were caught in the act by an early homecoming. The Americans could use you expertise in Iraq as you are the master of the “quick exit”. A handsome young chap this is countered by your inability to string a sentence together, and your tendency to crack a fat whenever in the presence of females. Bound to be friendless soon, you need to start treating your far cooler cousin with more respect.

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