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Your Erynkristine dimitriou :) lucky you, your cute and smart and although you make the lamest calls your the funniest person, but some people dnt see it, because your shy. your bestfriend loves you to death, and im talking about the one that starts with S :), your one of the nicest person people can meet, but sometimes people take advantage of that because you give people so many second chances and people admire you for that, You dont express your feelings that much becasue you dont want people to worry, You love your boyfriend so much and his lucky, you've got the best tan which everyone is jelous of nd some times you say the dummest things but don't realize it, then your bestfriend always laughts at you nd tells you how much of a downy you are, everyone loves you and you've got the best family out, oh and you have trouble saying a few words, "chicken snitzel":) You love playing netty and rep netty, You also are into cheer cheer and little a's,:)

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