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Your Steff Gioiello, Your andd lucky person to get her, You are a loud and funny girl, probely the funnyist person alivee, you lovee to laugh and make good calls all the time, you bag people out and like to act like a downy with your bestfriend eryn, you also love to get in troublee with eryn in english and like to bullly people by calling them swans, you like to muck around and vist the downy family, You love to throw you bestfriend off your bed and making her do a backflip into the tv and nearly braking her head whilst wrestling over who puts the next movie on you can never watch tv without pissing your slef laughing, you allways bag eryn about her bad calls, and you everyone counts on you to yell at someone for them, your not scared off anyone, and people love you for who you are, you have alot of beautiful features and yoiu have the best mum anyone can ask for, you live next to maccas and you love the trolly that sits outside your house, and you also love a random bikee that you randomly ride, with your downy friend:) You love playing netty on saturdays and cheerleading which starts soon, and you love your lil a's:) Everyone likes to talk to you and be your friend, because your the best person to talk to, and your like a hero, you are trustworthy and your bestfriend the one that starts with a E loves ytou very very very much, and no one can brake your friendship up wiff her cuse your tighter then your push up bra,:)

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