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You are Tony! You are intelligent, condifent and always (well, mostly) in control.. You always seem a bit carefree and like to have fun, but deeper down, you're a bit sly and manipulative! You always seem to get what you want and you never fail in knowing how to do so. However, sometimes things don't go your way, and this can result in some selfish acts. But besides some minor character flaws, you are a good friend, who just sometimes forgets how to show it. As you are a smart guy, like Tony, you can easily get yourself back on track of things, but the hardest thing for you is usually the things that involve relationships and emotions. Always try to consider the feelings of others and put yourself in their position to understand them. Your positive attributes will always be your wit, charm and confidence and you will always have a softer side that appreciates friendship and kinship.

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